Falcon IT Solutions is a trusted and reliable provider of software and IT infrastructure services - helping business organizations build and maintain IT solutions across a wide range of technologies and environments such as SOA, EAI, B2B, BPM, and more.

With over ten years in business, we have developed and proven our expertise in delivering industry-standard solutions, across several major business verticals including health care, telecommunications, and government sectors

From architecture and design, system integration, and deployment to knowledge transfer, our consultants will help your organization maximize ROI, improve productivity, and enhance your relationships with your customers and business partners.

Our approach is fully client-focused. We will do whatever it takes to consistently deliver high-performance, scalable, and maintainable solutions; on-time and on-budget


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables a company to thrive in dynamic, rapidly changing business environment. An out-of-date software infrastructure, that is incompatible with your evolving business needs can spell failure.

Falcon IT Solutions employs a flexible, and agile, customer-centric SOA methodology across a wide range of business sectors. Our solutions are custom tailored to the environment of your organization and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are both effective and efficient.


Full automation within an organization as well as between the organization and its business partners, requires optimized processing across a wide range of business and technical contexts.

Falcon IT Solutions will help you maximize the efficiency of your processing, while leveraging industry standards necessary for compliance and lowering your operating costs.


Our approach to Enterprise Application Integration promotes flexibility and scalability of technical solutions within your organization, as well as externally.

We will help you facilitate expedient, secure, and efficient flow of data across your business network, in accordance with the latest standards and best practices.


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